A SECURITY GUARD protects a building or a location from criminal activity. A security guard is the first line of defense in the event of an attack. Security guards can be employed in any type of business, but large companies often hire them for sensitive areas such as computer data centers and places where people store their personal information. This job requires high security awareness and strict adherence to safety procedures. For those who have just click the following article about any concerns relating to exactly where and the way to utilize Vancouver Security company, you can e mail us on the web-site.

A security guard may be called in to prevent theft, vandalism, trespassing, or any other crime from occurring. A mobile patrol can be sent to any location at random times. This helps deter criminal activity by conducting a thorough search of the area. These mobile guards can respond to calls for assistance and may also perform first aid and CPR. A security guard can also keep an eye on the reputation of a business by making sure that no one enters without permission.

Private property operators and owners are often too busy to devote their time to security operations. They might contract security service providers to cover certain areas. These security guards can be hired either on an hourly, or monthly basis. Large areas may also be covered by security guards hired by law enforcement agencies. To cover sensitive areas, law enforcement agencies can also hire special deputies.


The training required to be a security guard depends on where you live. A basic training course is required for security guards. They also need to complete a three month internship. Security exams are conducted within one year. Once trained, security guards must pass a criminal background check to ensure that they are not a risk to the public. They must also be physically fit to use handcuffs and firearms. Security guards are required to report suspicious activity to their supervisors regularly.

Your insurance policy will also benefit from a security presence. A security guard may be temporary, but a permanent presence will help deter criminals as well as reduce crime. In a study conducted at a train station, researchers found that places with a more visible security presence experienced a significant decline in crime rates. It is possible that people who see a security guard are less likely to commit crime.

A security guard must be able to maintain a calm and alert attitude. Although a security guard may not be able to deal with the most serious situations, being able quickly summon the appropriate authorities can save lives. In one case, a security guard alerted authorities after a man yelled for help and gave him a life ring. Security officers are crucial to the security of a business, so they should have a good memory and be able to detect potential threats and dangerous individuals.

You must submit a copy of your diploma or educational certificate to be eligible for a job as a security guard. A certificate will be issued to you once you have successfully completed the training program. This document will prove your eligibility for a security-guard license. Interested parties can submit an application for certification online. A certificate will be issued by the NYS DCJS to confirm that security guards have been licensed if they meet the requirements.

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