Miss England Beauty Pageant Introduces New Body Positive Make-up Free Round

For the very first time in its longstanding history, the Miss England beauty pageant has launched a fresh make-up-free round to its competition. Conceived by Miss England founder Angie Beasley, the “Bare Face Top Model” circular is intended as a special event of individuality, imperfection, and natural beauty, from the homogenizing tendencies of heavy make-up away. Beasley. “I see so quite a few contestants entering with a face filled with make-up covering their natural splendor.

Those wigs were fatal. Regency beauty places were either applied with a pencil or appliqued onto the face in varied styles including dots, hearts, superstars, and crescent moons. Unfortunately, necessity was the mom of invention: even the well-to-do numbers of the Regency period were riddled with smallpox marks and disfigurement triggered at least partially by natural foundation powder formulated with mercury and lead.

A slyly-placed beauty place could hide everything. What does your beauty tag positioning say about you? The positioning of beauty spots was considered an excellent art. Jean Harlow you is cherished by us. Beauty marks made a comeback in the fifties. Norma Jean Baker was born without one, but Marilyn Monroe wore hers on her cheek, and a post-war flirtation with beauty marks ensued, with celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor following suit.

  • Avoid eating meats that are processed and have chemical additives
  • Dry with small taps to close the pores
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We now consider beauty marks to be synonymous with pin-up ladies and modern classic vixens, but body modification is today’s take on the wonder mark. As stud piercings begin to echo beauty place placements there’s room because of this durable style to progress. You can easily create your own beauty place with a Kohl pencil or black eyeliner by choosing your position, pressing down tightly, and spinning the nib at that moment.

You can also go with a durable water eyeliner which reduces the chance of smudging. Felt-tip eyeliners offer you good control of the pen, ideal for beginners. Lastly, you can purchase fake stick-on beauty marks online which enable you to experiment. And why stick with a neat little circle round? Another design like a crescent moon or black Kohl heart could work equally well.

Whoever said skin care is meant for only women? That is a thing of the past. Today’s males are equally mindful and careful about their skin. Gone are the occasions when only women indulged in the beauty and cleansing products, now the men have become the new target market for beauty products and lotions.

There is also a big myth that skin care is an extremely frustrating affair. Those were earlier times when people experienced to visit parlors to do a face and and yes it would take hours to get the face done. Nowadays there are an ‘amount of taking care of your skin with a wide variety of products in the market and that too in a small timeframe with no need to visit a parlor.