So, What About Other Routes?

If you are taking medication, that you should be, then you are similar to the rest of us and weight reduction isn’t easy for anyone. It generally does not mean that it is not possible. If you are anyone who has tried dieting and failed, there are two known reasons for that, but those are two reasons that will be the full case across the table rather than because of hypothyroidism. So, what about other routes? Everyone always hates gluten.

Many patients have found that when they go gluten free, it’s life changing. Basically, the correlation is that when your body creates antibodies against the thyroid proteins, it can so with gluten protein also. There’s cross reactivity therefore you aren’t eating it, this can help. However, some may eliminate gluten and it doesn’t help.

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  • It’s not how fast you start, it’s how great you complete. Benefit from the process
  • Don’t get active support either by a support group, online support, or your own weight loss coach
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This is basically because gluten isn’t the only proteins that it is cross reacting with. For instance, the diary is another one which might should be eliminated and upon removing both of these along with other grains, relief is available. I’m all about a manageable lifestyle rather than doing things that are not necessary but unfortunately this is proven in medical trials, and it’s really something that need to be considered.

If you have never tried eliminating essentially all gluten and dairy, then it’s worthy of a go. HOWEVERRRRRR, that does NOTTTTTT mean that you can’t eat carbs dang it. This is actually the BIGGEST misunderstanding. Gluten will not equal all carbs. It’s only specific carbs. So many people say that they are gluten intolerant when really they just want a justification to eliminate carbs to lose excess weight.

Gluten free will not equal weight reduction (in anyone!!!)! Some carbs without gluten include: quinoa, grain, every bean (pinto, black, northern, kidney, chickpea), potatoes, oats (some are polluted so just extreme care advised), fruit, and corn. Corn is though proven to have sensitivity, so I wouldn’t do that one if it’s not a fan favorite. A very important factor that is of take note is certain supplements that can interfere with your thyroid medication and as a pharmacist, my brain always wants to ask these questions first. Calcium supplements or dairy products can interfere as well as dietary fiber and coffee supplements.

It will not mean that you can’t have theseafter I’ve already informed you to try getting rid of gluten or dairy lol) but just simply means taking these supplements or drink coffee at least 2-4 hours split from your medication. If you are taking your medicine in the morning, then just be careful with consuming coffee at the same time obviously.

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