Three Aspects Of Organizational Digital Fit

To keep digital fit, powerful digital organizations need to be solid enough to keep business in order and fluid enough to keep things movement and make proactive changes. Digital consciousness: Digital means the exponential growth of information and great quantity of knowledge. Owning a conscious business means that the business can leverage information and technology as the “digital brain” to make conscious strategic options, streamline business movement, and deliver high quality products/services/solutions to please customers and build business competency. Digital ecosystem is complicated and volatile, for complicated problem-solving, understanding framework is often the first and the most important step in developing digital awareness.

The business leaders and professionals can gain the digital consciousness through the use of multidimensional thinking to comprehend business context and sustain varied viewpoints in order to make sound judgment and flourish in the “VUCA” world. Contextual intelligence helps them identify and diagnose the variety of contextual factors natural in the business circumstances, then intentionally and intuitively adapt their behaviors and mindset in order to exert influence in that context.

  1. What products would you like to see us offer
  2. Grab market mindshare
  3. Examine the next statements
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  5. Maintaining internal tools and hardware

The “incremental consciousness” about their own potential is changing just how today’s digital professionals see their role in a team, company or the community, and develop their own set of practices to keep digital fit. Digital literacy: Digital literacy is the ability to effectively and critically navigate, evaluate and create information utilizing a range of digital technologies and tools. Developing digital literacy over the enterprise requires cross-functional collaboration and cross-disciplinary knowledge share.

Knowledge transfer allows people to understand new topics and access knowledge effortlessly. It’s about applying interdisciplinary digital management to get nonlinear understanding of the very feature of the digital business and powerful business ecosystem. So, organizations do not only respond to changes in a reactive mode but proactively take care of knowledge, catch business insight, and bring better awareness of systemic intricacies of the business systems. Digital competency: One of the very goals of developing digital literacy over the enterprise is to form business features and build the organizational wide competency. The maturity of a business ability would be predicated on the capability to deliver on either customer needs or to achieve the required capability result.

The cohesive group of business features can be woven into core organizational competencies. All competitive organizations have two types of competencies: The necessary competencies to keep the lights on and the differentiated competencies to allow business position out as a head and building a strong brand. Digital organizations are similar to the living organic systems which spontaneously self-organize and self-renew, generate patterns, structures, business activities, and above all, create novelty as time passes. To keep digital fit, powerful digital organizations need to be solid enough to keep business to be able and liquid enough to keep things circulation and make proactive changes within the ever-evolving digital ecosystem.

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