How To Look Sexy In Glasses

So the visit to the attention doctor offered you a set of unwanted spectacles departing you feeling like you’re on the getting end of the prison phrase rather than just a prescription. Gone will be the days of unattractive and unflattering looking eye glasses which only deteriorated the looks of the wearer.

Eye glasses are actually worn by many women not only once they need to wear them but also for fashion purpose. A set of glasses can in fact be what is had a need to add that sexy hint to the look. Hides the beauty of the eyes: Like everything in life, there’s a right and an incorrect way of putting on glasses.

It is a misunderstanding that wearing eyeglasses hides the beauty of the eye. Big framed glasses can emphasize the eyes rather than hiding them actually. Girls who wear eyeglasses cannot show-off their eye makeup: This is utter nonsense! Big round or square or oval shaped glasses can certainly and properly show-off beautifully made up eyes.

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Big framed eyeglasses actually accentuate the eyes in an exceedingly becoming way. I personally find that there is only one drawback of wearing glasses and makeup, which is wearing plenty of mascara, as the eye lashes keep on touching the glass and that can often be irritating. But hey, just a little discomfort is nothing right? Glasses are boring and nerdy: Nerdy is not always a bad thing. The right amount of “nerdy” is actually sexy, like the institution instructor kind of sexy.

These bold, thick framed glasses on girls is just too beautiful for words. To think that wearing glasses would make a girl look boring and nerdy is beyond comprehension. Cat’s eyeglasses: Cat lovers while others alike can go for the smoky hot look that cat’s eyeglasses can add to the looks.

Cat’s eye glasses are at the top of my set of eye glass shapes to look sexy. However, these catty reading glass frames are referred to as librarian glasses also. Don a set of kitty cat glasses with bold red lips and any girl is preparing to face anything. Colourful frames: Who says eyeglasses have to be dull and uninteresting.

Keep a few colourfully framed glasses to match different moods and events. Some women prefer wearing bright colored frames on a regular basis. Choose the right type of attention glass frame which makes you feel preferred. Therefore, depending on the look the girl wants to attain when wearing her spectacles she can decide on the eye cup frame shape. I am certain that after seeing these photos of ladies in various designs of eye-glass structures and how beautiful and sexy these females look wearing eyeglasses the misunderstanding about spectacles have been dispersed. Wearing contact lens instead of specs are always an alternative.

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