I Am Always Lovin’ This Girl!

Is anyone else (stupid question already) SO EXCITED that springtime is (pretty-much-but-still-debatable-where-I-live) here? I’ve got my windows open – still no displays on them, ha – and we’d our morning snack on the porch today and it was glorious. After yesterday’s hideous pictures of my skin situation I figured I would post one where I don’t look so atrocious.

Anyway, my lob (long bob) as they call it is growing away and I’m actually really adoring it. It’s so fun to do untidy waves, spray in a few 25 and go. Brad makes me feel badly about my choices never, I know he prefers my locks long. I figure it’s my prerogative. That is our mostly-finished entry way which is liked by me. Love it, love it! I still want to place a few pillows on the bench to shorten the distance between the pictures/mirror and the bench, but besides that it’s all done.

  • Tiada bahan-bahan yang boleh rosakkan muka, NO
  • Rub your lobes with a little Vaseline before placing your earrings directly into avoid any pain
  • Disguise as much blemishes as possible
  • Assess the elderly client for impaction when urinary retention is documented or suspected
  • Cinnamon Treatment for Removing Lip Wrinkles
  • My skin type

I think the best piece is the shelf that Brad built using the piping. I love it and think it appears so fitting in our slightly-modernized admittance. I am always lovin’ this girl! She’s been so fun lately and is blowing me away with how dang smart she is. Disclaimer, I have no idea if it’s considered “on milestone” or not, it could be completely normal – but there’s something about viewing your own child soaking in and retaining information that is merely amazing. But anyhow, the lady knows all her colors and shapes, definitely knows her alphabet, and we’re working on keeping track of to 20 (she’s got 1-15 down solid).

She’s in the cutest phase right now where easily do anything at all, like give her food/a drink, pick something up on her behalf, wipe her bottom (ha), she’ll go, “Thank ya, momma!” Tickles me every right time. It does not tickle me when I must tell her forty-seven times to pick up a toy or keep coming back here or don’t ride your bike into the wall. Once springtime hits, Brad, and I are total outdoor people.

We grill out as often as we can, and now that we have a large ‘old house, we’re planning to have lots of people over for cookouts and campfires! We’re starting tonight with a big group of family over for a cookout since Brad’s sibling is around from North Dakota.

It’s far better to apply the serum and let it absorb for 60 mere seconds before applying moisturizer. What kind of serum is perfect for my type of skin best? You may take this TYPE OF SKIN Quiz to find your perfect serum. I don’t believe there is absolutely such thing as a “night cream” as some ongoing companies like to promote.

In my opinion, a moisturizer for nighttime use is merely one which doesn’t include sunscreen. They don’t have to be greasy or heavy (it’s a misconception that the heavier it’s the better it is for lines and wrinkles) but it does have to be for your skin type. 2 so I like using Sheer Moisture Lotion but sometimes in the winter I want something with more emollients so I’ll use Hydraboost Rescue Creme.