5 Reasons Not To Use Wix For Your Website

I’ve often had clients come to me after using Wix or Weebly to build a website and ask for some help making their sites more visible. And there is situated the rub, so to speak. Wix makes it super easy to create a great looking website, and incredibly easy to create a very performing website terribly. So, if Wix helps it is easy to build a website why shouldn’t you utilize it?

So if Wix helps it be easy to build a website how come a negative? If you approach creating a website as an ‘easy’ task then you’ve started off on the incorrect foot. If it was ‘easy’ to create a website that works then there wouldn’t be hundreds of thousands of blog articles about search engine optimization (SEO), content constructions, on and off site reputation conversion and management optimisation. I believe most companies Personally, particularly small to medium ones, do not spend enough time on the website brief.

Quite often it’s because they don’t know very well what to ask about or the web agencies don’t take time to ask the right questions. Companies shouldn’t necessarily know what questions to ask – your business is your speciality, you should be able to trust your web creator to ask the right questions. Wix helps it is easy to leap right in, toss a web page, and publish it together. Before you do this, you need to avoid and think, and workout what your business needs for your web presence. Yes, I’ve seen expensive websites without Google Analytics installed – a fundamental oversight you shouldn’t really get when spending 1000’s of dollars.

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I’ve also acquired someone call me to make their website more noticeable. 100 on their website with some arbitrary overseas company. Just how much business has that ‘cheap’ website cost them? It probably works out they have been cost by the web site much in lost business – there’s a worked example below. This is why it shouldn’t be ‘easy’ to create a website. What appears good doesn’t always perform well.

That’s another benefit I hear you shout! Hiding complexities in website development is definitely not a very important thing. Fix makes it easy to create websites like they’re and brochures not. Everything you see isn’t what Google sees. Although Google does take consumer experience into account it’s mostly around content and mobile friendliness and things such as that.

Google doesn’t really caution if your button looks nice, or your image is stunning. The search result below is typical when you don’t know what to do quite. There’s no call to action in the result, and the description doesn’t say what the page is approximately. If this is one of ten similar results, I’d selected a far more enticing one probably. By hiding these complexities it creates it super easy to get really proud of your brand-new website and go and shout about any of it to the world. You better keep shouting as that may end up being the ultimate way to get the website found as Google may not find it.