The World According To Pat

I lately flew from Bangkok to Moscow Domodedovo on Qatar Airways through Doha. I used to be a little apprehensive about flying Qatar because these were only soaring an A320 between Doha and Moscow DME. Plus, from what little information I possibly could find on this plane or route prior to me purchasing my seat tickets, said the seats in Business Class on the A320 had not been up with their long-haul standards.

But, I’ve noticed so many advantages of Qatar Airways and their regular membership in a single World (and having the ability to gather American AAdvantage miles) helped me made a decision to fly Qatar. As good luck would have it, my flight had their new Business Class product and I had been very happy with my choice to take flight Qatar.

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  • Also in the FT (spotted by Derek), an excellent article on obstacles to entry and rent-seeking

5. Coping with change: HRP enables an enterprise to handle changes in competitive pushes, marketplaces, products, and technology and authorities regulations. Such changes generate changes in job content, skill, type, and variety of personals. 6. Increasing investment in HR: An employee who accumulates skills and abilities becomes a valuable reference because an organization makes opportunities in its manpower either through direct training or job assignments. 7. Adjusting manpower requirements: A situation may develop in; an organization when there will be surplus staff in a single department and shortage of staff in some other department. Transfers and promotions are created for meeting such situations.

8. Recruitment and collection of employees: HRP suggests the type of manpower required within an organization with necessary details. This facilitates the recruitment and selection of suitable employees for jobs in the Organization. Introduction of appropriate selection tests and procedures is also possible as per the manpower requirements. 9. Keeping manpower: HRP is needed as it helps placement of newly selected persons in different departments as per the skills and as per the necessity of different departments. Surplus or shortage of manpower is avoided which ensures optimum utilization of available manpower. 10. Training of manpower: HRP is helpful in selection and training activities.

It ensures that an adequate number of persons are trained to fill up the near future vacancies in the Organization. Personnel refer to the employees employed in an organization. They signify the manpower which can be an important asset of a business unit. Employees are the real supporters of a business unit and they contribute substantially for the stability and prosperity of a business unit.

Employees have various problems associated with wage payment, campaigns, exchanges, working conditions, welfare facilities, training, and so on. All such problems are treated as personnel problems. These problems come within the scope of staff management, which is one important area of total business management. Naturally, a separate department called ‘Personnel Department’ is established in every company.

It looks after the personnel problems. The manager responsible for this department is named personnel manager. He has to perform various functions that are responsible in character and delicate. He needs imagination and tact while working with staff problems. He also needs the active support of the top management for dealing with personnel problems effectively.

A personnel supervisor must be a specialist in company theory. Furthermore, he should be a specialist in the employee’s administration with an understanding of relevant Labor laws, procedures, and so forth. A personnel manager needs sound academic qualifications, communication skill, broad social outlook, sympathy, and consideration for employees. Understanding of subjects like philosophy, logic, sociology, and ethics is useful while discharging his duties and obligations as well. He requires a keen sense of social justice and the rights and interest of men (employees) at the job.