My Asian Skincare Story

I’ve realized that reviewing Korean cosmetics is, for probably the most half, just about pointless. Many brands are right here at this time, gone tomorrow and products are constantly changed and discontinued. That is sweet from a marketing viewpoint, but sucks when you want one thing, wrote about it after which want to purchase it again.

Today’s publish might be some product that has been around for ages. It’s nonetheless the identical (or with minimal changes), as a result of if something works, why mess with a great thing, right? Fortunately, DHC is that uncommon breed of firms that retain the formulations of its hit merchandise pretty much fixed. If there are modifications, they are not affecting the product’s key properties and most customers do not even notice that something is completely different.

  • Prickly Heat (Miliaria)
  • 6 Bonne Bell
  • They expose kids to the world on the market
  • Do you employ a makeup base or primer for the eyes

And that is what I like about DHC. It’s not essentially the most thrilling of manufacturers and it is not rock bottom of the drugstore shelves. It’s strong, high quality brands churning out stable, quality merchandise. And typically they have an excellent thought of adorning their packaging with Disney characters. Previously we got Alices, Winnie the Poohs, Ariels, and other cuties that enchantment to the prepubescent crowd (or to grown Japanese women).

And since as we speak is May 4th a.okay.a. Star Wars Day, it’s a perfect excuse to finally inform you about why DHC Lip Cream is the only lip balm I keep repurchasing. DHC Lip Cream (what a stupid title, btw) special? It really works. Bring me your chapped, dry, sunburned, peeling, swollen lips, apply a swipe of DHC Lip Cream, then another one a few hours later, and then again earlier than going to sleep. Wake as much as healing, gentle, amazing, kissable lips.

Seriously, this stuff works. It really works because the ingredients are rigorously formulated for it to work. It really works as a result of it has zero stupid irritants, like menthol, or flavor, or different additives so beloved by Japanese highschool women who cannot put on makeup to highschool. DHC), however it works. And now it really works even better (a minimum of for me), as a result of the tubes are adorned with my favorite Disney characters: Darth Vader and stormtroopers, the droids, and Master Yoda.

Yes, Star Wars is a Disney franchise now. And yes, I’ll buy something, literally anything, with Star Wars on it. But I’m fairly completely happy being a Star Wars addict. Yes, that is me. You’ve got a problem with that? Anyway, back to the DHC Lip Cream. What’s in it that makes it work?