Nautilus R618 Vs R616 Vs R614 Recumbent Exercise Bikes, Comparison Review

The Nautilus R618, R616 and R614 Recumbent Exercise Bikes are well-constructed and ergonomically designed to give you an effective low-impact workout with a lot of high-end features and a lot of options to keep the workouts motivating and gradually challenging. The R618 is the latest addition to the Nautilus recumbent bicycle range and it is the premium edition over the R616 and R614. The Performance Range Nautilus R618 is created for higher-intensity workouts with a heavier flywheel, ideal for more serious athletes, and a higher consumer weight capacity, and features premium comfort features including a more comfortable chair and a better console design. Bluetooth connectivity as the R618.

It has dual monitor blue-backlit LCD screen instead of the R618’s STN dual blue-backlit screen. The STN screen of the R618 is the best in the fitness industry, offering a wider viewing position and better colors that’re easier on the eyes and the R618’s system also tilts to supply the best viewing position.

  • May 2019 Challenge
  • I Can’t Lose Weight
  • Be fully fatigued on your last rep
  • 1-calendar year replaceable battery life
  • 30 minutes – one hour per day

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