Are Beauty Pageants Archaic, Demeaning And Sexist?

I think a great deal of what you’ve written are unsupported generalities. While I don’t disagree that beauty pageants are not useful to culture in general, I think these are empowering to the ladies who contend in them extremely. I think the true problem is how the audience and general public reacts to them, than the contest itself rather. Comments and Facebook posts by people who don’t understand what’s going on are akin to comments created by 13-year old YouTubers. Of all First, It is found by me doubtful that young ladies compete to “find a good spouse”.

Maybe that’s what it was like 40 years ago, but I think that now you’ll find that the majority of the girls contend to include it on their resume – it /is/ a job after all. The image of the successful, indie, confident female is the new ideal. Not the housewife. Consider it. Who would want to celebrate that still, and in this point in time, what TV program would support it? Secondly, no one computes and manages their body to the extent pageant ladies do, for “men”.

Do you realize how difficult it is to realize that kind of fitness? It’s empowering to feel and live healthily. Most ladies use pageants as motivation to attain good health, much less the final objective. Have you followed or read a few of these girl’s Twitters or blogs? These girls aren’t thinking of achieving this to “look hot”.

As for body shape/sizes, pageant ladies are not all Barbie-looking. Take a look at Mallory Hagan, or Olivia Culpo. They come in various heights, weights, hair color, and races. I’ve seen “bigger girls” win over “skinnier girls” at local pageants often. No one any more looks for those things. It’s how you carry yourself and look after yourself and interact with people that matters now. The working job of say, Miss America, entails a whole great deal of open public looks in cities and cities around the country. She is constantly being interviewed and will need to have excellent communication skills.

The careers of a great deal of ex-Miss Americas are posted online. Most have been incredibly successful without having to marry for the money (although you may be right in third-world countries, as Tony suggested). In addition, local, state, and national titleholders perform a great deal of community service above and beyond typical charitable functions.

There was person who started a signed up non-profit to help animals and another who helped start an orphanage in Africa – both done before contending in pageants. Also, Miss Kansas 2014 is reputed in the armed service as a sergeant highly. I think pageants have helped rivals by pushing them to achieve their full potential. I think the only negative impact they’ve truly had and experienced is through the interactions between the audience and this program, and the general public conception/stereotypes of pageantry.

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