15 Million WITHIN THE LAST Year

I am reviewing this stock (TSX-SC) today as I’ve not examined it since January 2009 and the 2008 calendar year-end annual declaration came in later. I purchased this stock for my new Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) in January 2009. To time, including dividends, I have made some 24% come back.

I find that the amount of Insider Selling is a concern. This selling is by the CFO and other Officers. The CEO does not appear to be selling, but he has few shares. The Directors, who own a more considerable amount of stocks, do not look like selling either.

A lot of the offering is of options. Insiders seem to own an awful lot of options and few levels of shares. There is absolutely no Insider Buying in any way. Season 15 Mil over the past. I know of investors who would make investments in any business with insider offering never. I recognize that you understand insiders feel confident in a stock these are buying and you never know why people are available. People sell stocks for a whole great deal of reasons that can be unconnected to the stock.

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  4. Patrick Dorsey, CFA, Director of Equity Research, Morningstar, Inc

They could just need the amount of money. However, with this stock, you have to wonder if the insiders have any self-confidence in the foreseeable future of the company when they are available so much. With the insider selling being dealt with, I want to look at the actual spreadsheet ratios and the Graham Price is informing us. The current price is more than 30% greater than the Graham Price.

On growth stocks and shares, which this is, the Graham Price is often quite lower than the stock price. On growth stocks the stock price seldom, if strikes the Graham Price ever. With this stock, the difference between your stock price and the Graham Price is less than usual, so it points to a relatively good price, but not an absolutely good price.

The only ratio that looks good is the Price/Book Value Ratio. This ratio is approximately 85% of the 10-year average. I believe a buy sign would show this percentage at 80% of the 10-calendar year average, but 85% is pretty good. The other thing has been that the Accrual Ratio for the next quarter is now negative, which is an excellent sign. I think that all these things points to a reasonable stock price. However, it does not indicate a great stock price.

When I look at analysts’ suggestions, the consensus is a Buy. There are quite a few experts that follow this stock. There are various Strong Buys and Buys and some Holds on this stock. No analysts’ reviews I reviewed expressed concern with the amount of insider selling happening.

If you go through the charts, this stock has done as well as or better than the TSX index in intervals of 5 years and less. Plus you would get just a little extra with their dividend. If you look at the 8 years that this stock has been in the TSX, it did much better than the TSX. I am keeping my stock for the short moment.

This purchase was to try out this stock and since it was for my TFSA account, I did not buy much. I am still concerned about the amount of insider selling. ONCE I put more money into the TFSA for 2010 2010, I am going to have to produce a decision on this stock.