Bachelor Star Lauren Bushnell Goes Makeup Free While Arriving At LAX

She announced her engagement to country star Chris Lane last month. And Lauren Bushnell was on the move as she arrived makeup free to LAX on Friday. The 29-year-old is based in Nashville with her fiance after calling Los Angeles home-base when she was a flight attendant. The blonde bombshell looked casual as she left the airport in black leggings, a red brief leave white and top knit trainers.

Her natural splendor shined through as she went bare faced and with her hair up in a high knot. Share She wheeled out a silver precious metal suitcase and a black backpack, while holding her iPhone and with AirPods in her ears. She fulfilled up with her mom in Los Angeles and shared a lovely selfie of the set. June and Chris The reality star announced her engagement to the country singer in, 34, posted a video of the heart-melting moment onto his YouTube accounts, a video which starts with him unveiling the song he previously written for Lauren. So a few of y’all know I had been focusing on a song for Lauren, and I simply first got it back again today,’ he says.

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The video then turned into a montage of moments from their relationship over the year, from times spent lounging collectively during intercourse to times at the beach. If Lauren had any doubts a proposal was coming, all were vanished by the ultimate end of the song, which contained lyrics leaving zero question about Chris’ intentions. Here I go, ’cause right now i am back her hometown and I’m down on one knee. I assume you determined finally, I’m gonna ask her to marry me,’ Chris sang.

As the track came to a finish, Chris taken Lauren into the backyard by the tactile hands. Lauren was overcome with emotion as Chris professed his love for her. Lauren and Chris went public with their romance back November 2018, where they made their red carpet debut at the 66th Annual BMI Country Awards.

Though the partnership did not last, Ben recently spoke fondly of his previous fiancee, he congratulated Lauren on a recently available bout of his podcast even, Almost Famous. Ultimately, we left that relationship, both folks, I think, saying, ‘I hope life brings you a ton of joy, I don’t want you upset and alone forever. I am hoping you find a partner as soon as possible. I hope everything that you would like in this world that’s healthy and good is directed at you,’ he explained.

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