Studying should be your full-time job while you’re in university, but many university students can reap the benefits of some extra cash. PayScale looked our job database to find the best jobs for college students. The working careers with this list are all part time, don’t require a college degree and can help cover your expenses, whether you will need help spending money on books or pitching set for a keg.

22.00 each hour. If you’re a starving university student, that’s a great part income, so you might want to consider investing in a little extra class time. Because of the combination of high pay and flexible hours, Massage Therapist is the top job for university students on our list. Best potential perk: Free massages from colleagues who need to practice their technique.

Even if you dread travels to the dental professional as a patient, you might like to consider finding a job as a Dental Receptionist if you are on the search for a part-time job while you go to college. 14.10 each hour and work in your free-time, making it a perfect job if you’re going after your degree.

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Best potential perk: You will often fill up on free toothbrushes. Hey, every penny counts when you’re in university! Nannying is a superb side job for college students. 12.80, but they get to established their own schedule. Best potential perk: Carving out a little extra study time while the kids are napping.

12.70 each hour. Students with a brain for mathematics can earn money while helping businesses keep their budget in order. Best potential benefit: Brushing through to your mathematics skills and getting covered it. Considering a career in medication? Working as an orderly while you are still in university will provide you with insight into the medical field in a way that biology class never will.

Orderlies could work evenings and evenings, making the timetable perfect for somebody whose times are filled with classes. Best potential benefit: Wearing scrubs means you don’t have to get worried about choosing clothing. College kids are notorious for not knowing how to manage their budget, but working as a Bank Teller ranks on the top of our list of good careers for students.