Today review is the Eyenlip Black Snail All IN A SINGLE Cream. It is a moisturizer with snail mucus inside it. While snail mucus can appear gross, it’s been a trending ingredient for further than 8 years now. Due to the fact the skincare trend in Korea goes really fast, this ingredient has significant importance in achieving porcelain Korean Kpop pores and skin that most people would make an effort to achieve. From then on, if the component can not work, the Korean move from it extremely fast.

So, companies have to keep discovering effective products and not merely some fancy names with nice fancy packaging. ? Please I am not insulting any brands or stating one brand is preferable to the other brands. I am not saying Asian skincare is preferable to the western too since I do use traditional western products too.

An exclusive sticky texture fills up moisture inside the skin and creates wetness barrier. 1. After using toner, take an appropriate amount on the hand and spread it on the skin. 2. Utilize the high temperature of the palm of your hand to lightly cover that person. It would assist with the absorption of the cream. Eyenlip Black Snail All IN A SINGLE Cream comes in a black plastic material jar with an inner lid. There is absolutely no spatula inside the jar. There are a lot of amount of products inside the jar.

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As for the elements it contains black snail secretion filtrate of 74%. Chondroitin sulfate, which is the main element of moisturize the skin and being antibacterial. Snail music is also to relieve speed up the healing of skin especially for dry skin type. Sunflower oil, olive oil, shea butter, supplement E, allantoin, beta glucan, panthenol, and silicone as occlusive and for moisturizing.

It helps to keep the moisture inside the skin which is nice for winter. Plants ingredients which are copies japonica main extract, tulip, violet, daisies, iris, bitter orange, cocoa, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry are nice substances for antioxidant and for brightening. Addititionally there is niacinamide for brightening. Eyenlip Black Snail All In One Cream has pretty nice ingredients.

It is just that I’d prefer it does not have perfume inside this cream. I just wish there inside is no fragrance. The fragrance is like a male Cologne which at least goes away completely after 30minutes. It isn’t too strong but I just don’t fancy the scent very much.

The texture is similar to cheese because of the high snail mucus. I rub it in instead of patting since that makes the cream absorbs easier leaving a hydrated, small dewy skin. Half a dime is enough for my mixture skin type. I also apply a glob over the tiny part that I pick after acne serum and it does help to soothe the inflammation the very next day. It generally does not cause clogged skin pores or cause more acne.

It is however not for preventing acne. I tried putting it on under makeup and it does not pill up but you do need to clean for it to dry all down first which does take time. I utilize it during the night as it is a little too occlusive to use during the day since I reside in warm weather with dampness of 92% at all times and I’ve combination acne prone pores and skin. It really is similar in terms of substances and effect of a famous snail cream too.

Overall Eyenlip Black Snail All IN A SINGLE Cream is a good cream for dried-out skin type, living in cold weather, enjoys snail without allergic to the substances, affordable huge tub, for hydration and for someone looking for occlusive. For more information, please visit Beautynet Korea Eyenlip and website Instagram Korea. Product is delivered for my factor. However, the opinions indicated are my own and honest as always here.

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