Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog: 5/12/13

Word leaked out last week that Apple has finally come to terms with Universal Music regarding a licensing deal for his or her new streaming iRadio service. In addition they are reported to be inching nearer to an offer with both Warner Music Sony and Group Music, although Sony still seems to be the toughest of the number to hash out a contract. Radio is an enormous chance for artists possibly, songwriters, and record brands alike for the reason that the audience from streaming increase by multiples when the service is launched. Among the problems that everyone on the creative end of the business has at this time would be that the payout from streams is so abysmally low.

That’s like saying that you’re not making enough money when you only play at largest venue in a little town in Iowa. There are many enthusiasts in the world if you can only reach them somewhere else, which would boost your revenue. Though both Pandora and Spotify have observed significant boosts in total users, it’s still a drop in the bucket from what Apple could deliver.

40 per 12 months!) and more than 500 million active users, artists can look forward to a boost in income in terms of the increased audience that represents simply. Will the income streams of the glory days of the music business to be revisited as a result? Radio is going to do for streaming sound what iTunes did for music downloads, which are transforming it into a viable business for content creators, this time around by virtue of its installed user base. Google is reported to be readying a similar music service to be launched later in the year through YouTube, and that competition can only just be best for streaming generally.

I’ve talked and written much about Music 3.0, which was more about the music business embracing digital music and the musician socially hooking up to his fans. Right before our eyes we’re seeing it progress into Music 4.0 – age streaming. Help support this website. Any purchases made through our Amazon links help support this site without cost for you. Thinking about the Music 3.0 archives? CHOOSE THE Music 3.0 Guide To SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING for the best of over 800 posts.

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There is a small “coffee”table between 2 chairs, which creates space to put drinks or other nicknacks. The headphone Jack and power outlet are situated in a small space under the center armrest. The seat even has a cup holder and generous space where inflight reading materials are stowed behind in front. Seat in lounge setting onboard Thai Airways B777-300. Seat onboard Thai Airways Business Class cabin during intercourse mode.

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They still acquired that last year when I flew with them to Seoul. However this year, this service seems to have is and ceased only available to their passengers flying on First Class. To taking off Prior, Business Class passengers are served welcome drinks with hot towels. I always asked for the signature Thai Airways drink, Violet Bliss, which is not part of the drinks on the holder that the pursuers go to serve. Meal orders were taken following the welcome drinks is being served.

As this is a night-time flight, no foods were being served after taking off, there are no snacks made available for passengers. However people can request for Ramen Soup with Simmered Pork or Tuna Onigari served with Miso Soup should one gets to starve in the night time. Breakfast was served 2 hours before getting. I opted for the Western Set which consists of French Toast with Capsicum served with assorted breads, and Fresh Fruits as well as yogurt. The food was served instead of by courses together, feels a little like Economy Class however in fanciful China.