ROHINI is well known in modern astronomy as ALPHA-TAURI (ALDEBARAN). In the night sky And Aldebaran is one of the brightest stars. In fact, in the evening sky this unique increased superstar could even be discovered. The ancient vedic seers revered this star as the abode of PRAJAPATIS and BRAHMA. ROHINI can be roughly translated into ‘THE REDDISH ONE” or ‘THE GROWING ONE”.

The color “Red” evokes notions of ambiance, liveliness, and passion. It was viewed as the color of ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY. ROHINI’s main symbol can be an Ox-Cart pulled by Two Oxen. BRAHMA, the inventor among the governing Trinity of the Universe, is the primary presiding DEITY of this nakshatra. Rohini’s amazing elegance and magnetism are making clear by the fact that MOON, whose duty is to invest only some time with each one of the 27 Nakshatras (wives of the Moon), REFUSED TO LEAVE ROHINI’S ABODE. ROHINI natives will often have large, expressive, and clear eyes, sophisticated features, and a smiling countenance. They are popular within their social circle for their charisma.

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Rohini is a true patron of the Arts. Most individuals blessed under the Rohini’s nakshatra are usually very careful about their health and are known to live up to a ripe later years. Common English words like “robust”, “romantic”, “romeo”, “rosy”, “rose” appear to really have the same root as the term “Rohini”. Rohini is considered to be a BALANCED nakshatra.

Those who are involved in any successful activity will understand the importance of “balance” in achieving desired results. Just as nature is successful and creative through the BALANCE of HEAT & COLD, LIGHT & DARK, RAIN & SHINE, WINTER & SUMMER, etc., Rohini is methodical and balanced in its actions.

According to Varahamihira, those given birth to with Moon in Rohini are “HONEST, PURE, BEAUTIFUL, STEADY MIND & PLEASANT SPEECH”. It is the 4th nakshatra and the true number 4 4 represent the mothering theory in character. And Rohini is the nakshatra most related to the planet earth. THE FOREHEAD, ANKLES, SHINS & CALVES FROM THE LEGS will be the body parts related to this nakshatra.

It is a KAPHA (watery) nakshatra. It is related primarily to SOUTH, SOUTH EAST & NORTH WEST. The 1st pagan of Rohini shows strong passions & extravagance. The next pagan of Rohini signifies materialism, actualisation, and fulfillment of desires. Another pagan of Rohini indicates materialism, arts, sciences, and business. The 4th pagan of Rohini indicates home and material security. DO YOU KNOW that pagan of ROHINI you belong to? Every pagan comes with different interpretations. Only detailed Astrologers can inform you the difference.

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