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That ignorance of course leads to mania. The herd is right Surely. Well, of course they are. As evidence, we can go through the mania in the semiconductor world. Specifically, PPT rallies lift all semis and vessels are on the crest of the PPT tsunami of shopping for. Virtually every company available has reported a weakness lately.

Let’s look at Fairchild Semi. They make chips for the communications industry. Reported running a business magazines on October 14, 2011, the business said Q3 income dropped 19% versus this past year and sales were lower by 3%. True, the wages beat analyst anticipations by two cents. Read on. Sales were below estimations. The company also (like the majority of its rivals) guided sales estimates lower than experts’ guesses saying that the economy had slowed. The company plans to ship fewer potato chips going forward.

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What does dropping sales and dropping earnings and a weakening economy and falling potential customers have to do with anything? In a PPT driven market mania, the answer is nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nada. Zip. That is PPT mania. It’s all good. Get you some. Close your eye and purchase Just. You don’t have to know anything. Fairchild was up 10% on the news.

No, that’s not a misprint. The stock was up 10% on the wonderful news. Where will the mania end? Don’t ask me. Ask Ben. Below is one of the better-performing stocks of the ebullient day of October 13. I include this chart because it is representative of the investment environment. All the roulette players think they have acquired some type of skill by always betting on black only they don’t realize that the Fed has painted all the numbers black. Tomorrow we will again spin the wheel. I’ll bet the tiny ball lands on a black number.

What is this is of cost-push inflation? Cost drive inflation is inflation caused by a rise in prices of inputs like labor, uncooked material, etc. The increased price of the factors of production leads to a decreased supply of these goods. How may popular and limited supply of products cause inflation? According to the demand pull theory what is responsible for inflation? Which theory says that inflation occurs when the demand for goods exceeds the existing source? What’s cost-drive inflation? Cost-push inflation expresses that increasing wages for workers drives up the price of production, forcing makers to charge more to meet their costs. What exactly are the main factors behind the inflation?

Demand-Pull Inflation (e.g increased number of individuals desire to purchase limited resources Emerging economies and countries like China have elevated their quality lifestyle needing resources like oil. Definition of demand-pull inflation? Demand-pull Inflation is asserted to occur when aggregate demand within an overall economy outpaces aggregate source. It requires inflation rising as real gross home product goes up and unemployment falls, as the overall economy goes along the Phillips curve. This is commonly referred to as “excess amount chasing too few goods”.