Growing Your Tree Of Prosperity

Nevertheless, it was a good session. REITs aren’t everything. The DJ’s couched the questions from the position of a lease collector that was how the conversation veered towards a debate on REITs. While REITs are a mainstay in my own investment collection, I rely on four asset classes to construct my passive income.

Four cases are REITs, Business Trusts, Yielding equities High, Peer to peer financing. I hope this does not induce a bull operate on REITs as we’ve no idea how they would perform in a higher interest environment. What REITs to buy? Offline the DJs wanted to know which REIT to buy. I used to be trying to evade the relevant question in order not to be construed as advising someone economically. I answered that if a person buys all the REITs in a diversified REIT portfolio you’ll be able to achieve 7% yields right now so individual stock selection is not necessary in today’s climate.

This question was completely ad-hoc, and I would not need to offend any specialists listening to the program but I the standby position my advice that if you need to rely on your CPF, you aren’t ready for retirement. 1900 a month once you reach 65. I expect many Singaporeans would not be able to hold jobs between 55 and 65 so they will need personal savings to tide over that decade. Well, indicating friends ask me why I did not recommend my own books.

The reason is that Growing Your Tree of Prosperity is almost sold out. Apart from George Clason’s Richest Man in Babylon, my publication Sowing the Seeds of Prosperity is designed to get the local investor started. Every serious trader must get to the main point where he can understand The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. Maddy really threw me off-guard with a question on whether it is wise for parents to withhold money from kids and put it within an account for these to witness compounding growth in action.

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Maddy recommended 10%. I was doubtful because I was not sure whether kids would be deprived out of this form of parenting and whether this plan would backfire so I suggested that she be moderate with the program. An answer to this question would be complicated and reduces to a question of how to instill conscientiousness and willpower in children. At least from the child development books I understand, there are no solid answers.

One thing I know: You want conscientious kids, make infants with a conscientious spouse. Maddy also activated an extremely interesting conversation on SPH and asked me my opinion on high-yielding counters with declining businesses. My view is that a long term buy and hold trader of SPH is not terribly off as he’d have collected considerable dividends and would will have some SPH Reits in his stock portfolio as well.

Dividends investing is quite anti-fragile. Time heals all investment errors. There is some small-talk on SSBs. I did not buy any, but I am happy that the government has created something that people are talking about in a positive way. I am pining for my inflation guarded bonds still. When is a good age to retire?