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Since 1998, the SBA has presented Phoenix Awards to business owners, open public officials and volunteers who shown selflessness, tenacity and ingenuity in the aftermath of a tragedy, while adding to the rebuilding of their communities. Dan Rankin, Mayor of the Town of Darrington, Washington will have the 2015 Phoenix Award for Outstanding Contributions to Disaster Recovery by a Public Official.

On March 22, 2014, a major landslide occurred in Oso, Washington, eliminating 43, engulfing 49 homes in debris and mud, blocking the primary condition highway and damming the Stillaguamish River. In the aftermath of the devastation, Mayor Dan Rankin’s first job was to comfort the grouped households who had lost family members. He quickly coordinated the search and rescue mission, while working to ensure that residents and businesses had usage of emergency resources. Rankin was a noticeable liaison to Federal and state officials, heading and beyond to keep carefully the residents informed above.

If you’re a freelancer, deductions are the name of the tax game: there are many business expenses you can deduct to lessen your taxable income on your Schedule C (or Schedule C-EZ) if you haven’t integrated. If this is your first time filing self-employment fees, it’s worth the amount of money to schedule an appointment with a specialist.

Order in lunchtime, turn up Slack, evening shower, and plan your. It’s a HOME BASED Week! From our couches and our local coffeeshops, Lifehacker is bringing you advice on keeping your productivity, balance, and sanity, day or a whole career whether you’re working at home for just a. For example, if you have a guest or studio room you utilize as your “office at home,” you can deduct that part of your mortgage repayment if it meets “exclusive and regular use” requirements.

What is the partnership between Strategic Planning and Financial Planning? One of the business lessons discovered from the recent financial melancholy is the knowing that there’s a significant relationship between tactical and financial planning. Business strategies have to consider the available resources and the viability of the task – not only in conditions of profit, but also in conditions of growth.

A task may have generated only a modest amount of revenue but if such profit was generated without resorting to borrowing or without having to rely on capital financing, that denotes growth then. The business strategy employed allowed the business to raise the proportion of its assets over its liabilities – wherein the difference between these two components is the owner’s or the stockholders’ equity.

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However, step one in understanding the partnership between strategic and financial planning is to first have a far more vivid understanding of strategic planning as a business process.What is Strategic Planning? Strategic planning encompasses a broader concept of a business plan where projections to be produced exceed financial planning and current market forecasts.

Defining your Business Objectives- The procedure starts by obviously determining your business objectives, from the concept of income making apart. Assessing your Business Strengths and Weaknesses- Strategic planning also involves formulating business strategies predicated on your internal set-up as well as the external factors that can affect your business. This entails assessing your advantages and weaknesses of how you run and operate your business.

If your trade is home-based, one of your possible weaknesses is that your business lacks the image that can task its capacity to meet increased production demands. This means that you have to ensure that there is a viable and existing market for your product. Effective business strategies mean creating an edge by keeping your investment exposure at low levels. In so doing, it will bring you financial independence because you can build your business and its own image without counting on traders for future growth. However, each one of these entail evaluating external factors such as technical advancements, Federal government environmental regulations, global trade, and forex rates, employment regulations, politics unrest, and the wants.

These exterior factors may affect the demand or marketability of your product. Is your product vulnerable to obsolescence in the light of technological developments and improvements or can your product keep its own by targeting consumers who are averse to the consequences of specialized gizmos? You will also have to consider your competitors and how you would like to compete keenly against well-established brand names. They are only a few of the areas to consider, in examining how you stand to get in your selected business industry.