Perumbakkam is a fast-growing suburb of Chennai and is known for its close proximity to the IT corridors in OMR and Sholinganallur. It is bordered by Medavakkam in the North, Semmencherry in the South, Sholinganallur to the East, and Sithalapakkam to the West. The real property in Perumbakkam is mainly driven by the IT corridors near it and by the professional human population employed in this IT hub. Several new home projects are showing up across Perumbakkam with a significant rise popular.

While a huge part of the population has already flocked to the region to buy flats in Perumbakkam, you may still find a few who are in two thoughts about buying Perumbakkam. There are specific factors that keep people from buying Perumbakkam such as traffic congestion, insufficient good ground drinking water, and insufficient proper shopping and entertainment centers. But to overcome these hindrances, it offers affordable apartments with all the current modern amenities and a good return on investment that too in a serene and green environment.

There are several new residential tasks in Perumbakkam from reputed builders such as Casa Grande Cherry Pic, KG Good Fortune, Radiance Mercury, Urban Tree Oxygen, Plaza Pristine Acres Phase 2, StepStones Akshara, Casa Grande Avalon, Embassy Residency and much more. In case, you need a flat near to Perumbakkam then flats in Thoraipakkam might excite you.

Why should you invest in flats in Perumbakkam? Proximity to IT corridors: Located only a few kilometers away from Sholinganallur and OMR, Perumbakkam makes a perfect living place for anyone who works in these IT companies. With the majority of the IT companies situated in Sholinganallur or OMR either, the number of people working is more than 2 lakhs here. With large tracts of land easily available in the area, Perumbakkam can simply focus on all the true estate requirements of individuals employed in the IT corridors.

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To keep away from the hustle bustle of OMR, a true number of people are leaving their flats in OMR and shifting to Perumbakkam. Affordability: Usually when an area is near IT corridors, its real estate value is usually high and the house prices are also bound to increase. But this is not a complete case with Perumbakkam as it offers various residential tasks at affordable prices.

It is carefully located to Medavakkam where the capital values of the homes reach more than Rs. 4500. People, who cannot afford to buy a flat in Chennai Medavakkam, are shifting towards Perumbakkam due to affordable housing projects. The administrative center ideals of flats in Perumbakkam range from Rs. 4500 for apartments near the main road and Rs. 3800 to Rs. 4200 for apartments that are just a little further from the main road.

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