Bruises And Cuts

I was so excited to do cuts and bruises especially right in time for Halloween! We began by causing a doughnut shape on our arm with makeup, ensuring to leave no makeup in the center! We then began to add different colors to the doughnut shape to start to make the bruise look real! We then used the stifle and put red dots in arbitrary spots round the doughnut shape, to represent broken capillaries. This is actually the final bruise from farther away. I was shocked with how real it looked from a distance!

This is the beginning of making the bruise around my eyes. I began by placing my shadow color around my attention. If you look you can view how dark it is around my eyesight closely. I then did the precise steps I did so on my arm to my face to get the look of a real bruise!

This is a better closeup of what I began to do around my vision. I wanted to make it look as real as it can be therefore I expanded the bruise onto my nose. I put a great deal of crimson to darker make it! I started the cut by causing a thick line of my highlight color on my arm.

We then called the fake blood onto the series and then shook our aim to make the blood drip down the road. We ripped the natural cotton off the very best of a q-tip to dip the stay part into the fake bloodstream. Finally, I did the same making a lower by my attention! I really was proud of myself for how these proved for my first-time seeking to make cuts and bruises!

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  • If the color is too dark, add more titanium dioxide
  • Drew Carey/Dennis Franz (2004)
  • Benzyl acetate
  • Charmed (Reboot)
  • Basil and other herbal remedies
  • Attitude towards socially responsible organizations
  • Take a tablespoon of aloe vera gel in a crucible
  • Setting Sprays & Setting Powders

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