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So who’s vying for just one of the most powerful jobs in government? The bookmakers’ favorite for the job is Sajid Javid, a 49-year-old former Deutsche Bank trader, business secretary and Treasury minister. The home secretary Currently, Javid has similar spending ambitions to Johnson on infrastructure and casing. He could be the son of the Pakistani immigrant bus driver and would be Britain’s first chancellor from an Asian background.

Pro-Israel and socially liberal, Javid sometimes appears as difficult and intellectually euroskeptic fiscally, positions that are well-liked by rank-and-file Tories. Crucially for Johnson, Javid is prepared to leave the EU without an offer and has publicly backed the Tory front-runner. If Johnson wins the Tory command race, he could make a striking offer to his defeated competitor and present the chancellor’s job to Hunt.

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The international secretary has frequently noted his shared positions on Brexit with Johnson and both applicants have promised nice spending plans and tax slashes. The natural tea-drinking Hunt is a polite multimillionaire, who likes to remind voters that he began his profession as a business owner. Even so, placing Hunt in the Treasury would be a dramatic peacefulness offering to a competitor who did his far better undermine Johnson’s chances. Liz Truss is a faithful supporter of Johnson since the early days of his marketing campaign, that could put her in pole position for an integral role.

As the existing key secretary to the Treasury, she’s nominally in charge of the federal government spending review — though she has clashed with Hammond on key procedures including the divisive HS2 north-south high-speed rail project. While Hammond desires to keep HS2 on track, Truss has sided with grassroots Tories who complains it shall cut through the picturesque counties encircling London. Johnson has spoken of the necessity for another overview of its financial benefits, while Hunt has given the project his full support.