15 Million WITHIN THE LAST Year

I am reviewing this stock (TSX-SC) today as I’ve not examined it since January 2009 and the 2008 calendar year-end annual declaration came in later. I purchased this stock for my new Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) in January 2009. To time, including dividends, I have made some 24% come back.

I find that the amount of Insider Selling is a concern. This selling is by the CFO and other Officers. The CEO does not appear to be selling, but he has few shares. The Directors, who own a more considerable amount of stocks, do not look like selling either.

A lot of the offering is of options. Insiders seem to own an awful lot of options and few levels of shares. There is absolutely no Insider Buying in any way. Season 15 Mil over the past. I know of investors who would make investments in any business with insider offering never. I recognize that you understand insiders feel confident in a stock these are buying and you never know why people are available. People sell stocks for a whole great deal of reasons that can be unconnected to the stock.

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They could just need the amount of money. However, with this stock, you have to wonder if the insiders have any self-confidence in the foreseeable future of the company when they … Read more

Amongst Them Was A Lens Cover

In addition to introducing us to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge on Sunday, Samsung also revealed a host of new accessories it will be releasing for the handsets later this year. Amongst them was a Lens Cover, an LED View Cover and a Charm wearable fitness tracker. However, it’s probably that you won’t have noticed much about the second option as the firm opted to keep its details under heavy lock and key at the time.

We now know that the Charm has been made to look like a bracelet instead of a smartwatch. To do this appearance, Samsung has used a small LED panel to notify users of notifications rather than a fully-fledged LCD display. The lack of a large display means that the Charm won’t be able to run third-party applications, but it will have the capacity to record basic fitness data, such as distances and steps. This data may then be synchronised to the S Health application via Bluetooth.

The Charm will come in two versions and three colorways when it strikes the shelves – Rose Quartz, Gold and Dark with the rectangular or rectangular LED panel. All models sports a 17mAh Bluetooth and battery pack LE. The South Korean manufacturer claims that these devices can last up to 18-days about the same charge due to the low energy consumption of both LED panel and wireless connection. I must say, I’m pretty wanting to get my practical the Charm.

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